I`m Željko Barna. I`m 21. My childhood was quite ordinary. I lived nice and normally in a family with mother, father and two sisters. I had everything that a child should have in order to be satisfied. Every year I went to seaside, excursions and so on. However, it didn`t fulfill me. I wasn`t happy. When I was eleven I took a joint for the first time, out of curiosity and I didn`t know what I stepped in. Marihuana became my everyday habit.

Drugs showed the worst of me but it was my salvation at the time. As a person without goals and hope I slowly paced onto a way of drugs and no hope. Shortly I was in a bad company. After marihuana I took heroin and at the age of 13 I became a heroin addict. Drugs and poppy tea were replacement during moments when I ran out of heroin.

Years passed and I was still in the same problem. My family was nervous, desperate, my sisters darkened and crying because of the problems I made.

Despite my family`s help I couldn`t step out. I sank deeper and deeper, and it was clear that I needed professional help. My sister heard for Crossroads. I decided to enter the program but under certain conditions: I would stay for three months only. The staff and excellent program motivated me to stay to the end. Little by little, my life started going back to normal.

My family relationships become better, I end old contacts and I realize that there IS a way out, by reading the Bible. Through counseling I slowly start to get to know myself. Despite the prejudices, fears and feeling of helplessness, the center gives me love, understanding and help. Now, I can proudly say that the Lord has freed and saved me. After two years I stand firmly. I`m happy, satisfied fulfilled and peaceful. I have goals to achieve. Crossroads woke up a new hope and faith in me. I see the world with different eyes now. I am now SAVED!



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