I am cured forever!

My name is Vladislav Simanić, and I am 27 years old. I was born in a normal family of four where I was given all the love and attention that a child needs. As I was growing up, especially during the puberty, I felt bothered by my parents, more and more. I felt they wanted to control me and to organize my life in their way. Because of that I spent more time in the street and less at home. At the age of thirteen I started using marihuana, various pills, and alcohol. I used all types of narcotics daily, only to escape from reality. At the end of high school, I wanted to stop using narcotics. I thought it was simple and easy. Instead of being free and normal, new problems popped out in my life. Every day my life had less sense without drugs. I became sad, apathetic, and depressive. I thought about committing suicide. Soon after I started using heroin, and became addicted very quickly. My parents found it out, as well as my coworkers. I left home and only places where I could live were various abandoned houses. I went to rehabilitation clinics three times, but failed. At one of these clinics, I heard for Raskršće. Having been persuaded by my parents, I agreed to go to Coffee House.
There I met people who told me about their lives. That was the life I wanted to have. They told me about regained confidence, happiness, love, family… About all the good things I lost during my addiction. I was completely confused, yet somehow that confusion made me think about Raskršće all the time. At the beginning of the program it was really hard for me but as the time was passing by, I gave myself over to the curriculum and staff. God drove me to Himself and answered my prayers. I read Christian literature and the Bible through which I was changed the most. I met God who loved me no matter what I do, who is not resentful, and who gave me freedom from addiction forever. The sole knowledge gave me the strength to continue the program and to change myself. From day to day my family relationships were getting better, and I have excellent relationship with my sister whom I had not talked before. I have regained value and respect from other people and my parents believe me again. I got all the things I listened about two years earlier at Coffee House. The things of which I was envious… I have a girlfriend I could only imagine, I volunteer at the Men’s center and I give my best to help the staff, and to give a good example to students that life without narcotics is possible because I am cured forever!


Vladislav before

Vladislav after