I`m Tamara Maksimović, 28 years old. I come from Sremska Mitrovica. I remember my childhood by constant quarrels between my parents and their frequent absence that they tried to compensate with material things. They divorced when I was 9.

In elementary school, my behavior started to be problematic. I started to drink, and smoke cigarettes and weed, and I took heroin when I was 15. For the next 6-7 years I consumed everything I could get reach of. I lived a destructive way of life, alone. At the end, everything was brought down to heroin and how to get it.

Death seemed like the only way out of the agony and despair that were brought by every single day. I hadn`t spoken to my father during more than a half of my life, but anyway I went to him to ask for help. That is how I came to the Crossroads. There, I found a great understanding, love and support of the staff and other girls. I saw changed lives. People who used to have the same problems I had, now live normally. In the comprehensive program, through spiritual principles, psychological counselling and curriculum, I learned and wished to change and work on myself. Cravings for drugs completely disappeared, because I realized roots and causes of my addiction, wrong attitudes and behavior. Through expert counselling and reading the Bible, my perspective completely changed, and true values returned. I spent 20 months in the program. Like every process in which you change yourself, this one was also difficult, but that has made me a person I am now. Coming to the Crossroads is definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. Family relationship are renewed. I got a new life without feeling of guilt and bitterness. Most importantly, I got a new will for life. At last, I feel like living. I enjoy the joy of salvation and freedom that the Lord has given me, without any substance whatsoever.



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