I know God will give me only the best!

My name is Slaviša Ćopić. I was born in Novi Sad, in 1978. My childhood was quite normal. I had my company in the street thinking how great my life was. The period in Serbia was really bad, there were sanctions, war, and grocery shops were empty. System of values in the society was disturbed, and successful people were not the hardworking, honest and educated ones any more, but suspicious and adaptive guys with no morality whatsoever. That was when I thought that I didn’t need to go to school and college, and to struggle, but I could take a shortcut. I started to grow and sell marihuana, what shortly led me to a problem with the law. However, that didn’t stop me from taking “heavy” forms of drugs, so along with consuming heroin I was selling it as well.
My parents, who had been working in psychiatric clinic, were trying to help me get clean multiple times by giving me medicines. But abstinence periods would last only for several months, after which I would go straight back to heroin. After a couple of years I ended up in a jail, where I met a friend who was telling me that there was a way out of my addiction that had lasted for fifteen years then. He talked about Raskršće and at the end he managed to talk me into coming to the Coffee House. The guys I met in the Coffee House were radiating with positive energy and they had had the same problem I had. I saw that the guys were free from addiction and that was when I decided to enter and finish the program and do everything that is necessary for me to be free.
In the program I sincerely repented for all the horrible things I had been doing. I gave my life to God and the first thing I felt was true peace. In the program I was changing myself daily, through Bible lessons, counseling, celebrating God, and prayer! I confided in God and very soon the process of healing started through daily Bible readings. My life was gaining the new perspective and I was being filled with joy. Having finished the program I decided to volunteer so I go to the rehabilitation center every week to help. God has blessed me with a girl, I have graduated from a school and relationships within my family are getting better. My plan is to continue walking with God and to accept whatever He gives me, and I know He will give me only the best!


Slaviša before

Slaviša after