No more agony!

I was only 13 when I started to take pills, and by the age of 14, drugs had become my everyday habit. Growing up in Belgrade in the middle of nineties – years of economic crisis in Serbia – in a family with divorced parents, was very hard for me. Those circumstances led to rebellion and in order to escape from my reality in any possible way. Going up to high school was for me just another step closer to rock-bottom. I was using ecstasy, marihuana, heroin, cocaine. Very soon I felt ruined, dirty and empty – drugs hadn’t given me what I was looking for. Agony, agony, agony – and nothing else. I tried to get treatment in hospital in Belgrade, but it was a failure, so I came to Crossroads. At first I was afraid that I wouldn’t make it, but with the help of others and thanks to the staff I got encouragement! Now I can say without doubt that this was the best decision I have taken in my life. In Crossroads program something amazing happened to me. I met a real God and came to believe that there was a plan for my life. Together with the care and prayer of other people, and counseling, I feel as if my life has started all over again. I am happy and fulfilled, happy and satisfied because I want to live and to enjoy this freedom that I have received.


Simona before

Simona pre

Simona after