Joy and smile are back on my face again

My name is Sandra Milošević and I am 25 years old. When I was born my parents divorced. My mother became an alcoholic, so social workers brought me to an orphanage. My life was becoming a horror. At the age of eleven I started using drugs. Heroin made of me a person who hates, who is violent, and who does not have any want or hope for life. In heroin I found fake safety which led me to various ways of finding money for the drug. It was when I encountered numerous troublesome situations which devastated my psycho-physiological state. I tried to get clean at a psychiatric clinic several times but it brought no results whatsoever. Every time I felt even worse. I went to rehabilitation centers but I left them because I was indecisive. The only decision I made was that I accept methadone therapy. I thought that was the end so I gave myself over to the street and repressed the remaining of humanity deep into myself. I did not know myself any more, and my heart became cold and hopeless.
I heard for Raskršće when they organized an action addressed specifically for methadone center. It was when I saw people who used to take narcotics, and now they were full of love and happy. This attracted me and I decided to try to get clean from methadone. The Women’s center staff visited me while I was at the hospital, and they gave me a support. They believed in me and after six months I managed to enter the program. During the program the counselors helped me solve my deepest problems. With their love and support I met God, and started reading the Bible. My personality was renewing and I knew and accepted myself again. It was not only me whom God helped but my mother as well. She became a healthy person without drugs and alcohol and she goes to church. Our relationship is completely renewed, as well as relationships with my relatives. Now I am free from any addiction and I have learned how to fight for my life. I know I am changed throughout and I have a new direction and goals in life. Joy and smile are back on my face again. I am volunteering at the Women’s center. God brought in my life a person I dreamed about. He made the wish of my heart true. I know God has a lot more for me. I am certain that never again will I take narcotics, because I know there is something much better.


Sandra before

Sandra after