God has only good things for me in the future.

My name is Mirko Mitrović and I am 33 years old. I used drugs for 13 years. My childhood was carefree. I grew up in a family in which I was loved, and I was good and obedient child. I was very good at school by time my family and I moved to Vienna. Since I didn’t know the language there, my success at school turned to a failure. Then while my family was falling apart I started using heroin. Before that, I was experimenting with various drugs, but heroin gave me the feeling of carelessness and pleasure. However, I started stealing, lying cheating, and selling drugs, so I could satisfy my habit. I tried to get clean, I went to see many psychiatrists, I even tried with opiate receptor antagonist. I tried going to rehab program which was consisting only of isolation, and I stayed there for one year. But nothing worked.

When I heard about Teen Challenge Serbia, I wasn’t thrilled, but when I went to the coffee house, I was impressed by the people who were there. They were all radiant with contentment. Before I entered the rehab center I was completely lost. But slowly, inside of me, with the help of the staff I managed to define my problem and the reason I started using drugs. In the program I had difficult periods, but at the same time I learned how to overcome these periods and how to solve the problems I had, and those I will have in my life. In Teen Challenge Serbia I received new life, I met God, and in God I found all those things that I thought I had in heroin. Today, when I think about drugs, I feel disgust instead of desire. I plan to finish university and I know that God has only good things for me in the future.


Mirko before and after