Enternal Exit!

My name is Miloš and I am 29 years old. I have grown up in Novi Sad, in the war atmosphere of 90′ – when life lost any sense for young people. It didn’t seem real nor possible to „get college degree and a job”. My friends and I spent our days on the street, sticking together, because that conjoint strength gave us false security. We started looking up at criminals – people who were earning money fast and easy. That is how it all started… and I have begun to sell marihuana. Years went by, and after marihuana, ecstasy and trips, combined with techno parties, I got to the heroin… Every similar story ends the same way, so did main – I became drug addict, whose only pleasure in life was to get stoned.

After many successless efforts to get well, I came to „Raskršce Teen Challenge” thinking: Lets prove myself that this would be just another failure, so that I could continuo to take drugs.” But, what I have found here was a PERMANENT WAY OUT, and not only have I succeeded to get off heroin but I’ve also learned to live and to handle problems that life brings and to enjoy all those beautiful things that life has to offer. Now I am shure that I won’t gamble the new chance I’ve been given for some short and false pleasure.