Feeling of emptiness and loneliness disappeared

My name is Milos Nikolic and I am 28 years old. As a kid I was different from the other kids: I was hyperactive and very curious. I wanted to explore and to try everything. When I was 12 years old I started drinking alcohol and abusing prescription drugs, I started smoking marihuana and doing speed, ecstasy etc. As a teenager I tried to get my life in order, but I was just sinking deeper. I tried to run away from problems, I moved to different city, but instead of solving my problems, I started doing heroin and going out to parties. I switched day and night, and without knowing what I was doing to myself, to my family, to my friends but I was unable to stop it. I was so desperate, I wished I hadn’t existed; I was in so much pain that I wanted to die.
Then, one day I heard about Teen Challenge Serbia, from a friend of mine. I went to the Coffee House, but I didn’t believe people who were there when they told me that they were the same as I was. I thought that nobody could be like me. Slowly I got to know them and to thrust them. They showed me respect and treated me as a man. I decided to enter the program and to do everything to stop the pain I felt.In the program I met God personally and changes started to happen. The need to take drugs just disappeared, the pain ceased, and the feeling of emptiness and loneliness was filled by God. From that moment on I was not alone, the God was with me. I received new life, new identity, I learned how to love and my life had meaning again. I know that God loves me, and that He has only good things for me. The wounds in my family are healed and we are all together again. Today, I am free, I can make decisions for my life and I can bravely go forward!


Miloš before

Miloš after