I`m Marko Milovanović. I was born in Šabac, and I`m 32. I was raised in a family of four members and they always tried to provide the best they could for me.

In the elementary school I started drinking. Shortly, I tried all drugs that were available, including heroin. After 2-3 years alcohol and heroin became the most important parts of my life. I got apart from sports, school and normal company. The fact that I had a job, girlfriend and normal family gave me a false image of myself not being that bad. In fact, I was someone who was ready for anything to get drugs. Every second or third time when I took a shot I would end up in the hospital because my body couldn`t take it anymore. All of that couldn`t stop me to do it again the next day because I didn`t know how else to live.

Thanks to my brother I found Crossroads and when I came to the center I decided to stay. After 2-3 weeks I realized how huge problem I had. I admitted to myself that I was incapable of changing anything. Spiritual activities we had in the center attracted me. I saw that life with God brought freedom from addiction into the lives of the staff and that He gave them a good and fulfilled life. I prayed for the same thing and after some time God responded and things started to change. I didn`t feel shame anymore, I was satisfied and since then I tried to give my best to do all my duties. Bible classes helped me to dismiss all bad habits and values and to embrace new ones.

I finished the program and decided to stay in Novi Sad. God brought good friends into my life. Relationships in my family got better. I am available to God` service, job and for any change… We did a lot but there is a lot more ahead of us. I have no desire for a substance whatsoever. Thanks and praise to the Lord for every change and freedom He gave me.



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