I learned to enjoy small things

My name is Rodić Marina. I’m 24. I grew up in a family of divorced parents, as an only child. I was a good and exemplary child, and excellent pupil throughout the elementary school. In the high school I acquired a new company and new habits along with it. I started drinking, smoking both cigarettes and marihuana, and I failed a year. All of this affected the condition in my family. The relationship within it was becoming worse and I was becoming more and more depressed. It was when I found “the solution“ in taking ecstasy and speed. However, my condition became even worse. I found myself indifferent for the world surrounding me, I withdrawn and I sank deeper in depression. At the age of 20 I took heroin, prescription drugs, and alcohol daily. Deep down I knew that was not a solution for my problems and I asked for help from a psychotherapist. Unfortunately, the results seem to be short-lasting and I would get back to the old way of life.
I heard for Raskršće from a friend of mine. I went to Coffee House and I heard life stories from people who finished the program. I saw they were happy, they were glowing and satisfied. That was what I had always wanted to have but I searched at all the wrong places. Soon after, I came in the program and started living a whole new life for me. I was getting to know myself, to gain a perspective of both good and bad aspects of me, to change my habits and attitudes that were not right, and to learn to have a healthy way of live. I met God, and I was changing myself mostly through celebrating God and prayer. From day to day my inner condition was altering, I wasn’t depressed and dissatisfied any more. Now, five months after completed rehabilitation, I am satisfied with my life. I have a job, a boyfriend, I volunteer in the women’s center once a month, and I learned to enjoy small things and to be contended with what I have.


Marina before

Marina after