My name’s Ivona Ilić. I’m 32 and I’m from Šid. When I was ten, there was a civil war. I experienced grenades and bombs falling near me, my house, and my family. People around me were killed and killing. I felt enormous fear, uncertainty, insecurity, anxiety, instability… When I finished school I started practicing singing. Through the job I found security in money and dangerous company. It was when I encountered drugs. Slowly, I became an addict. My life became an agony. I felt miserable, lost, broken, sad, angry and with no way out. I didn’t feel like living anymore, and many times I wished I had simply disappeared. I lost hope that anything could change.

In the meantime, I got a book “Pierced”, by Svetlana Ivanović. When I read it, a hope was born in me, that there can still exist a way out! I entered the program Crossroads and I made a decision that I want to change, that I want a new chance and a new life. I brought a decision that I want to live! In the program, supported with staff, I learned to love and accept myself and others, and the most importantly I met God! I finished the program, and I stayed in the center to volunteer for Crossroads. Now I work as staff and I help other girls to see that there is a way out and the solution. My life is now fulfilled, I’m free and full of joy, hope, faith, love. I have peace. There is no more the void and pain. I’m happy and satisfied. I got much more than I could ever imagine.



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