Never Again

Drugs become a part of me very early on in my life. I wanted to prove myself on the street and as a result, drugs dragged me down, deeper and deeper. Heroin took everything I had. I lived like any other junkie, I lived for heroin. I stepped on everybody and everything including all my friends and family. I lost all hope and the will to live.

Lost in the world of drug addiction, I came to ”Raskrsce Teen Challenge”, and hope returned. There I realized that I can live a normal life, free of addiction. I started to read the Bible and to pray, God had revealed himself to me and started to change my life from its roots. God did not just give me back everything that I had, but He gave me more than I could ever expect. I have recently finished the rehabilitation program and I am beginning to enjoy life again. I realize that my life is not dark and full of hate anymore. Life is good, and it is worth living. No more fear, God is now by my side and He is protecting me.
Today, no matter where I am and how I feel, I know that my God is here, present, and I know that His love for me is unconditional. I thank Him because the bad times are left behind and today I have a new life. Now I feel really good.


Before and after