This chance I will definitively use!

My name is Dragica, I’m 26 year old and I’m from Novi Sad. I would describe my life as one big search, where I just could not handle the fact that my life didn’t have any purpose. My desires were to find the true meaning and purpose of this life, and to experience something more of it. I was completely lost while I was searching for these things, I struggled with despair, I didn’t see any hope or escape, and I was only surviving from day to day. Alcohol, bulimia, occultism, drugs, aggression and violence became my values and the only reason for living. But those things couldn’t take away the pain that I felt, and each morning brought new disappointment and depression. Then I heard of Teen Challenge, a place where I could find help. I entered this program and then something totally different happened – new light, truth and hope came into my life. I surrendered my life to God and He started to change me. That was when I started to find the meaning and purpose that I was searching for to discover that the truth would set me free from everything that I was held captive to. I realized that I didn’t have to use drugs anymore. Going the right way in life and doing good things – I had the strength to live like that. My God set me free and give me a new perspective on life and the world around me. I could never imagine that something real could fill the emptiness that was inside me and come in place of the illusion that drugs had given me. Now I have the privilege of living a new life and this chance I will definitively use!