Today I’m free!!

My name is Drago Pejic and I am 26 years old. I have recently successfully completed the “Raskrsce” program. I had a problem with drug addiction for more than eight years, for the last three I was injecting heroin. When I was entering into the world of drug addiction, it all seemed so simple to me, I couldn’t even imagine what hell and agony waited for me in the future. I was doing things that as a normal person I would never even have dreamt of doing. I was stealing, cheating, selling things from my home, destroying and torturing my family. I became a slave to heroin. Then the time came when I realized that I couldn’t live like that any more. I tried to come off using several methods, isolation, psychiatric hospitalization… and then I realized the painful fact that I couldn’t solve the problem by myself. Everything that I tried ended in failure. There was no exit for me.

By chance I heard that there was an organization in the City that was helping drugs addicts – “Raskrsce Teen Challenge” and that many have found the way out of the drug addiction there. Because of all the failures behind me, it was hard for me to believe in that. However I went there, I saw people who had been in the same problem as I had….yet now they were free. They told me how they had broken the hold of the addiction and encouraged me that with faith in God I could also be free like them. For the first time, I had real hope for getting out. I entered the program and Jesus started to change my life radically. I found purpose to my life. There was no need to continue destroying my family and myself. I found new values in the Christian life that I am living now. I have a job and I am not dependent on anyone, and what is most important: I have a new life, new friends and a bright future before me. Drug addiction is now in the past for me and absolutely nothing ties me to it any more.


Before and after