My name is Ivković Dragan and I was born in Požarevac. I’m 26. My parents divorced when I was a baby and they left abroad. Since then I had no contact with my mother. I was left to live in our family home with my grandmother and an alcoholic grandfather. The atmosphere in the house was very hard, almost unbearable. Because of that I left home when I was 15-16 years old. I lived in a rented apartment and gradually I started seeing people who were selling drugs or taking it. Soon, I took the same path. As a kid I thought that that kind of life and money were going to bring me happiness and satisfaction. It was late when I realized that it was a lie and delusion. During my addiction I went through an extremely long and hard period including jail. I wasn’t happy and my soul was empty. I was deeply involved with many bad things from which I couldn’t go. I started taking heroin more and more and I was becoming even more desperate.

In the meantime my father with whom I didn’t have a good relationship came because of the way I lived. He offered me help. He told me that he heard for Crossroads and if I wanted to enter the program he would support me. It was very hard for me to bring that decision. After a traffic accident in which I barely stayed alive I decided to enter Crossroads at least for a while. In the beginning, it was very hard for me. When I met God, the emptiness in my soul was filled. I was in the program, penniless and I was more satisfied than ever before. I accepted God with all of my heart, as well as everything that the program offered. Even after the acknowledgment that God was alive there were tough decision, ups and downs. Whatever happened I believed that God would make it good. After I finished the program I stayed in Novi Sad. I got job and I have a Christian girlfriend. Relationships with my family are better than ever before. Life with God makes me happy and satisfied.



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