I am completely new person

My name is Đorđe Živanović. I grew up in a broken family. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old. Then, as a child, I sought my parent’s attention in every possible way, by my success in school, in sports, I learned how to play guitar, I took acting classes. My parents took that as me being intelligent, and my successes did not draw attention any more, they were simply normal. To draw their attention, I started doing bad things that I had not done before and I found a bad company. In that period, I make a lot of wrong decisions that took me to the bottom. I started using narcotics in high school, and those were prescription drugs and marihuana. I also sold drugs. When I was 25, I got a daughter, but three months after she was born, I went to jail and I stayed there for three years. Then I found out that my wife left me, and I became desperate. I started to drink and to use heroin on daily basis. I became an addict and I ruined both my life and lives of many others around me. I tried to get clean by visiting psychiatrist, drinking blocators, but unsuccessfully. Becoming more and more desperate, I started believing that there is no help for me. One day I heard for Crossroads from a friend of mine. I went to the Coffee House, and there I talked to guys who finished the program. I saw freedom in their eyes, which gave me hope and encouraged me to enter the program. Through the curriculum and counseling, I came to the root of my problems. I learned how to change my character, and choose mature decisions. God healed me from the guilt I felt because of the way of life I lived, and after 20 months I finished the program as a completely new and mature person.

Now I am ready to cope with everyday problems and to take over the responsibility as a parent. I continue playing guitar, I play it in my church in Belgrade, and I work as a sushi master in a restaurant. Once a month I teach cooking lessons and I spend time with my daughter.

Đorđe before

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