If I didn’t decide to take this step, I probably wouldn’t be alive now.

My name is Djordje. I live in Novi Sad and I am 27 years old. I had careless childhood and I missed nothing. However, near the end of my elementary school, I got to know drugs. Quickly, I started to use drugs regularly. Marihuana, heroin, amphetamines – I used everything I could get. After my high school I had a serious problem with drugs, because my life didn’t have any sense without them. I realized that I wouldn’t manage to get free from addiction. I tried to get clean in many ways. At the initiative of my family I went to psychotherapy, but permanent result failed. My life didn’t have sense for a long time then. I didn’t want to live any more. One day my brother told me that there was a rehabilitation center that helped addicts. Even though I didn’t see any other solution, I was not glad to enter the Teen Challenge program. I was 21 back then.
The first thing I noticed when I came into the center was that everyone accepted me. They knew what I was going through. I felt loved. I met God and surrendered my life to Him. I knew that was the best decision in my life. There were difficult moments, but with help of the staff and with God’s grace I managed to overcome them. After 18 mounts I graduated from the program successfully. My life of addiction was behind me. I was a new person and I had a perspective of good life without drugs. If I didn’t decide to take this step, I probably wouldn’t be alive now.


Before and after