I’m Dalibor Jovanović and I’m 23. I was born in Šabac, but I grew up with my family in Vienna. I have both parents and a brother. My childhood was nice, and I had everything I wanted. In the high school I met a friend who offered me drugs for the first time, so I tried cocaine. I took ecstasy, speed, cocaine. I went to trans parties where everyone used drugs and it was great to me. Living that kind of life I managed to the jail when I was 15. Having left the jail I met a new company. It was when I tried heroin. When I took it for the first time I felt euphoria, high self-confidence, freedom from all fears. I thought that heroin was the solution for everything. I continued using drugs, but it wasn’t my choice anymore – I had to do it. I lived only to survive and in that agony I reached the point when I thought that my life was finished.

During that period, my mother heard for Crossroads. Together we went to see the center and to find out what kind of program it was. I made a decision and entered the program. At the beginning it was hard, but I believed I was going to make it. Watching others I believed that everything was going to be alright. Later on I relaxed and opened my heart to God. When I met God I felt peace, relief, security. I felt that there was a solution for everything. This feeling is way much better than heroin. God gave me a new perspective, life vision, hope and joy. I became free from drugs! I’m not interested in drugs anymore. I have plans for the future. I’m happy and grateful for I had a chance to get a new life, to become free and to meet God!



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