Super life

Until a year ago, I was just “Cane – the junkie” in everybody’s eyes. After nine years of drug addiction and a number of attempts to ‘get off’ drugs, from using replacement medication such as trodon, methadone and blockers, to attempts to change my environment, going to the countryside, staying on neuropsychiatry wards… I realised there is no way out and that I would be a junkie forever. Then, completely broken, I came to “Raskrsce Teen Challenge”.
I entered the programme with a totally devastated mind, not knowing how much that programme would give me and change my life. At first, I saw hope in the changed lives of people who had completed the programme.
Later, through a dim vision, I started making out a hope for me, a life completely free of drugs.
Today, after a year on the programme, I can say I am fully rehabilitated, both physically and mentally. I have never had a better and happier year in my whole life. All I wanted was to get rid of drugs, and God gave me a “super” life. There is no place for drugs in my head. Nowadays, I am filled with other things: socialising, working, reading the Bible, prayers, sport. Before I could imagine many things; but to be able to play football again, have a smile on my face, with no desire for drugs – I certainly couldn’t imagine that.


Before and after