I was a junky

My name is Branislava, and I am 33 years old. I thank God because my once insignificant life has gained meaning and purpose. I was a drug addict for twelve years and I tried to find my worth and identity in that. This way of life led me in the wrong direction, into oblivion, despair and suffering. At first glance my changed state of mind was giving me a false sense of fulfillment and identity. In the end, my only motivation was heroin… and my entire life lost its purpose. I tried to come off heroin in hospitals, with friend’s, at private psychiatrists; I was in Russia, but everything was in vain… Without heroin the emptiness and despair were destroying me from the inside. Alone and desperate I decided to do something.

I heard about Raskrsce Teen Challenge Serbia and was able to enter the rehabilitation program. I met God and He started to change me and to renew me. I began to motivate myself, I started to read the Bible and I realized that there was a way out of the drug addict life that I was living before program. Through prayer and reading the Bible, my character was changed, as was my view on life, and my values. There is no emptiness and despair, now in their place live love and faith in God. At last I am content in who I really am. I was a drug addict… and now I am free, I have a new life, a new chance and a new beginning, which only Jesus could give me.


Before and after