From fear to FREEDOM!

My name is Bojan, and this is my story. As a child, I had everything that I could wish for, until the moment war started in our country. My father was a soldier, and we lived in Zagreb . We were getting anonymous calls, and I was watching my mother crying every day. Rage and hate were building up inside me. My family moved from Zagreb to Belgrade . We lost everything during those war years. As refugees we were discriminated and rejected from society, and that hurt me very much. I couldn’t stand the hate in me any longer… I was searching for peace, for fun and relief but I did that in wrong places. Then I met some “partners in crime”, who turned to alcohol and various drugs to relieve their boredom. I started to search for an exit from the hell that was inside of me in the same way. My everyday routine became fights and drugs. And than, one day heroin became part of my life. I didn’t hate people around me any more… I didn’t feel anything. I became a hard-core drug addict and my life became agony. In those moments I could hate only myself. The result was problems with police, family and environment. Everybody avoided me. I realised that I needed help. Physically I was so weak that after almost every time I took drugs I ended in overdose.
I heard about Raskrsce Teen Challenge on TV and it took my attention. I knew that this was my last chance. I entered the program and there I saw people healthy and happy. That gave me the strength within me to be healed. For the first time in my life I heard that Jesus died for my sins, and that God is the only one that can help me. I was full of fear, rage and anger but during the rehabilitation program I was totally transformed. I started to feel joy and happiness in small things; I was waking up without the desire for drugs. Jesus took away all my rage. Hate and agony disappeared. I started to love life. Today, the program is behind me, and as time passes I feel only better and better. I have found a job, and I plan to finish school and to continue to live this life and to enjoy it. I know that life is a marathon race and that I can’t run it by myself. But God is always beside me and He will show me the way.