My name is Andrea Raković. I come from Podgorica. I grew up in a big family, with three brothers and a sister. My mother was very soft and she educated us as good as she knew. The only way she would show her love was through money and presents. In my family there we didn`t talk about emotions, and problems were only repressed. I didn`t know how to cope with that. I was mad and bitter. I started to hang out with a bad company and to smoke marihuana, to drink and take pills. To leave that company I went to the USA to school when I was 16. When I was 18 I came back to Podgorica. In the meantime, my family moved to Novi Sad and I stayed in Podgorica alone. I started taking cocaine, and it lasted for 2 years. When I stopped taking it, I was awaited by psychological crisis, with which I dealt by taking heroin. I was using it for the following eight years. In a moment, before I entered the rehabilitation center, it was as if someone opened my eyes and, for the first time I was able to see myself and what I turned to be. I realized that, if I didn`t stop taking drugs, I would die as an addict. I realize that I needed professional help, isolation and much time. My mother found Crossroads rehabilitation center and offered me to get into the program. I accepted. Since the day I came in until today I haven`t thought about taking heroin, and only God could do that. For the first month in the center I was very depressed. I was desperate. From the desperation my faith in God was born. I was gradually being changed, day by day. I am grateful to God for he freed me from addiction and gave my new life. I know that God promises that He will make everything right.



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