My name is Aleksandar Gajić, I`m from Belgrade, 33 years old. I was addicted to narcotics since I was 14 years old. All those years I spent thinking it would improve my life. In the beginning, it was interesting, but as years passed there was less fun and more horror. Darkness was approaching slowly, people around me started dying, my friends were leaving one by one. I didn`t want to end up like that. I heard for Crossroads from a friend of mine. In 2013 I entered the program and after a year I left it, believing that I was fine. But it was when my first problems started, my heart weakened, I became depressed and apathetic, and I started using heroin again. After some time, I was taken into custody, and from there I returned to Crossroads. It was my crossroad, in which, unlike the previous time, I decided to let go and to let God heal me and free me. After two months there began changes in my behaviour, thoughts, health condition. As time went by I was getting better, starting to enjoy myself becoming better. At the trial, I was given minimal sentence, and my heart got 20% stronger. It was enough for me to see and feel real mercy and it gave me fuel to move on and persevere. Now many people tell me that there is a visible change in me, that I am not that egocentric and depressive person I used to be. I am happy and I enjoy every moment, and I continue walking with the Lord because He makes me happy and satisfied.



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