I thought I was great

My name is Alexander Gnip and I am 33. At the age of thirteen, out of ignorance I took a wrong path in my life. Easily and surely I stepped into the world of addiction where the bad was good, drunken was normal, lie was truth. I made myself comfortable and I thought I was great. Daily drinking, smoking, and pills taking led me to the worst, to the rock bottom – heroin. With heroin I managed to sweep across everything I had been, what I had achieved, the trust other people had in me. Simply, I shut down my joy and will to live. After some time, I thought I could never stop using drugs.

I heard for Crossroads but I did not want to go there. However, having seen my friends who finished Crossroads program I stopped being prejudiced, because I saw they were really freed from drugs. It was when I got to believe that there is a way out of addiction.

I entered the program and decided to stay there because I believed my life would change. It really happened. Through conversations, seminars, and the curriculum, my counselor and I discovered the cause of my addiction. In the program of Crossroads I learned new quality attitudes towards life, which help me live my life without risky behavior. The most important thing that happened to me in Crossroads  was that I met the living God who forever freed me from drugs. I completely changed. Now I am happy again, I have a fulfilled life and drugs are the past for me. Changed, I believe I will manage to go through all of life problems, and that I would never again get back to the old way of life.