Free at last!

My name is Aleksandar Bajic and I am 30 years old. Great part of my life I spent using drugs. When I was 22 I started injecting heroin in my veins. I didn’t even notice, but very soon drugs became number one in my life. I forgot about family, and everything else. My life became an agony. I wanted to quit but I couldn’t. I visited medical institutions, went to other country, but I have always failed. Very often I ended up in hospital because of “overdose”, and when I was 28 I was completely desperate, miserable, I was thinking about suicide. I didn’t believe that I will ever change my lifestyle. When I came to Teen Challenge, and saw changed people, I saw some kind of “lightening”. I entered the program, and I began to believe that I will be free of drugs and that I will live good life. In program I met people who helped me and told me about God. When I met God I knew – this is what I’ve been looking for! I believed and accepted Him, and started to change my character. Now I see how much God has changed me, how happy I am, I’ve got new life, true fulfillment! I have never could even imagine that I will life that I am living now! Now I have hope for future, my family is happy, and I am free from drugs!

Before and after