Beside Raskršće which has a full therapeutically structured rehabilitation program, with curriculum, psychotherapy, support groups and other ways of therapy (sport and work therapy), there are only shelters or so – called communes for addicts in our country. They are free since they do not require specialized staff, and therefore the addicts in the program do not go through essential transformation, but the whole “program” is based on isolation where the inmates work all day long believing that “time will do its own”, what is simply not true when it comes to addiction decease. In the communes/shelters like this there is no structured environment with necessary curriculum, group and individual work with inmates, personal psychotherapeutic work, support group “TURNING POINT” etc. all of which are led by specialized, trained and certified staff with 5 – 12 years experience in this field!

Every morning in Raskršće program there are group and personal lessons, designed to change a person’s way of thinking in order to give up on the drug. In the afternoon a team of psychologists and psychotherapists work with an individual to remove the real cause of the addiction problem. Psychotherapy groups teach the inmates how to change personal traits and develop decent relationships, while work therapy makes a former addict a person who learn how to acquire good working habits, and sport therapy teach them principles of a team work.

There is a big difference between a therapeutic – rehabilitation community and a commune/shelter. Parents should always inform themselves first to realize that isolation itself and physical work have NEVER been the solution for the problem of addiction and therefore they cannot remove the real causes of addiction. In order to expect a person never get back on drugs it is necessary to cover all the aspects through a single holistic rehabilitation program. The percentage of cured addicts in rehabilitation – therapeutic center Raskršće is the highest in the region, and this is because we met all the above differences.

Why loose and throw another several years of life to unsuccessful efforts! With a minimum of participation, there are much more chance for you to get your child back, cured forever!

Zabranjeni Forum – How to rehab drug addicts?!

Video from TVshow “Zabranjeni Forum” television PinkBH



    Dynamic, exciting and unpredictable…. Post modernistic, urban novel, a true story that joins together two previously unconnected realities. Incredible experience and testimony about a period in the lives of a group of young people growing up under socialism and rebelling against that kind of thinking…

    Astonishing life story, full of action and explosive about turns! Text book of drug addiction, parenthood, rehabilitation, tied to the dramatic world of punk romantic and music, the desires of youth and the historic moment of telling this story. The result – a new generation of urban youth ready for life without compromise!

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    Why is Raskršće indispensable?
    Saša Ivanović, President of the Associatioin and Director of The Rehabilitation Programs.



    Read life stories of former drug addicts who found the way out of their addiction in the program of Raskrsce – how they felt, what happened to them…





    Transportation service

    In case that you are unable to bring the person who needs our program, Raskrsće offers you a transport service to our rehabilitation centers with a fee whose tariff is determined depending on the distance of the city.