I`m Veselin Jeremić. At the moment I live in Herceg Novi, a seaboard town in Montenegro. I was born in Požarevac where I grew up in the `90s. Many times I moved all over Serbia and Montenegro, and I also spent some time in Scandinavia. I graduated from math gymnasium with the highest grades and I enrolled on several colleges, but didn`t complete any of them. I do IT.

My first encounter with narcotics was in the elementary school when I was 14 and it was marihuana. I was attracted to that kind of life, even though I was an athlete and played basketball for a local club. While in high school, I visited rave parties and became obsessed with electronic music which became the only thing that I was interested in. In Belgrade clubs I was offered various synthetic drugs and I took everything I could. LSD was my favorite.

At the beginning of my studies when I was 19 I was put in jail for selling narcotics. As the youngest boy there, I learned how to survive different situations which led me to completely embrace that system of value, which I continued to follow after I went out of the jail. I saw that I could make money faster and easier and to indulge in anything I want at the same time. I left my parents and started living by myself which seemed fantastic back then. Heroin that I was taking at the time made it easier for me to cope with the chaos but soon it wasn`t possible to function without it. That is how I spent next ten years trying different clinics for addictions, but nothing gave results. I completely lost any hope. Police brought me to a psychiatric clinic where I spent 6 months. There I got a therapy for, as they said, malady. Soon I started to take too much of the therapy and drink huge amounts of prescription drugs.

My parents didn`t lose hope so they searched the internet for any solution for me and they found Crossroads. Persuasion took a lot of time since I resented Christian programs. In my deepest despair I agreed to come and try it since I didn`t have anything to lose. As I came to the program, my eagerness for healing was becoming stronger and stronger because I listened to various testimonies. Even though I didn`t agree with what the staff was saying I decided to listen to them. The greatest obstacle was in my mind because I was looking for a catch or logic. After a few days I prayed and surrendered my life to God and it was when things started changing. Worship became enjoyable and the texts revealed the truth for me. I started learning how to play the guitar and to take part in worship and then my mind became open and joyfully I accepted Jesus into my life. In a few months God blessed me to be the worship leader and to help others set free. Also I got a service in church and that meant a lot to me because I saw that I was trusted with something and it hadn`t happened for a long time. Soon the scars on the soul were healed. I got much more than freedom from craving for drugs. I finally found peace and everything that caused me having to take the drugs simply disappeared. The therapy I had been taking wasn`t needed any more. I managed to get free from that slavery as well, and to be happy and cheerful again, to be peaceful and grateful and born again. Thanks the Lord for that! There is no greater joy than get out of the mud to the surface, on the light.

My further plans are related to returning to Sweden and continuation of work in my profession. I want to join a local church, to serve and participate in a worship team. Everything that once seemed impossible is now possible. Family, children, and a normal life.



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