My name is Tijana Obradovic and I’m 35. I was born as a second child in a family of four which has always been with me, even when I made so many troubles. I was a joyful and happy child, a good student, and nicely raised.

It was very early when I realized that there was another side. At the age of 13-14 I started smoking marihuana and drinking alcohol. I took trodons daily and soon was on heroin. After high school I entered a university. However, in that period I was already in a serious fight with heroin. It was when I got pregnant that I seriously decided to get off the drug. It was the only period when I didn’t use it. My body was so destroyed that I gave birth to a baby three months earlier. The doctors barely managed to save the baby and me. While my son was in the incubator I was hooked up on the drug again and my agony continued. And now I had a baby with me. During the next five years I took methadone, a bunch of pills, heroin and I even started drinking alcohol. I couldn’t go out anymore and I wasn’t capable of anything. I waited to die and that was everything I longed for. After a few suicide attempts I decided to give myself a second chance and to enter Crossroads.

I entered the program with 40 kilograms, tons of problems, and a very bad self – image. I received a great consideration and love from the staff. The girls gave me support and in that atmosphere I decided that I wouldn’t give up and I wanted to fight to the end. I finished the program in November 2014, after 17 months. During that time I went through a lot of changes. Through prayers and counseling I learned a lot about myself and about things that troubled me in the past. I realized how important are faith and relationship with God who helped me to go through all hard moments in the program. After I finished it I stayed in the center to help the staff in Crossroads and to learn and become a staff member one day. I want to raise the child in Christianity, to have a stable and normal relationship with others and a normal world view.



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