My name is Simona. I`m 25. I come from Stara Pazova. I spent my childhood carefree. My parents got along well, they took care of me but they mostly did everything instead of me. I didn`t have to put any effort in anything.

When I turned 14 they decided to divorce and then I faced fears and insecurity but I had a complete freedom to do anything I wanted. So I started drinking. Soon, I started working as a singer in a local bar and due to tremor and numerous fears that I didn`t know how to deal with, I started doing drugs. For the next nine years I did nothing good for my life. I had an awful self-image, I was desperate and dark.

I came into the Crossroads two years ago lacking any moral and ethical standards, full of anger and bitterness, but it was clear that I belong here. I wanted to get healed and to have a good and quality life. Worship attracted me the most. Through worship I encountered God, believed, and decided to follow his ways. It wasn`t easy in the program for I had to change my habits and behavior but I learned many things through Bible studies and counseling. In the program I learned how to play the guitar and I was given the privilege of singing in the church. The Lord gave me peace and joy and he delivered me from every addiction. Now, since many things changed and since God took away all those fears and rejections, I would love to continue working on myself. I would love to do music, to perfect the guitar playing, to have my voice schooled to celebrate the Lord and to be an example for others that it is possible to come out of the hell of addiction.


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