I was desperate, without identity…

My name is Nada Cikota, and I am 28 years old. For last 10 years I was a drug addict, using marihuana, ecstasy, pills, cocaine and heroin. Everything have begun like a teenage having fun, led by a desire to achieve and experience something more of this life, something that others don’t have which is very good. But it turned out very bad. I ended up physically, mentally and emotionally destroyed. As a result of using drugs I was desperate, without identity, only goal was to take my daily fix. I was miserable, without any hope that I will ever live normal and happy life. Then I decided to go to rehabilitation in Teen Challenge. Very soon after entering program I surrendered my life to God, and now He is the one I trust for my life. Love, acceptance no matter what happened in past – that is what I sensed meeting God. My character and bad habits were changed, my body, soul and mind are totally renewed. Now I’m smiling again, I am happy, I feel fulfillment of life, I am free of drugs! I know that God has great things for me in future. I rejoice and enjoy in this life!


Nada after