I’m Jelena Olujic and I was born in Novi Sad. I have two parents and an older sister. I met the world of drug addiction very early and I started smoking marihuana, drink and experiment with different kinds of prescription drugs in high school. I spent more and more time out of my house with my company, and I started being irresponsible towards my family even though they gave me everything. Soon, I was on heroin every day. My days passed by in agony with only one goal – how to get heroin. With this everyday life-style that lasted for more than 15 years, my family and I went through many situations that I reluctantly remember. In my home there were always a chaos and never-ending arguments.The culprit was my heroin addiction and later on amphetamine, alcohol and prescription drug addiction. During all of this I managed to graduate from a college and to mask the reality in a way and to bring back trust with some people for a short period. But the drug was always present. All that time I tried many unsuccessful rehabs (clinics, travels, and isolations). After each new fall and repeated drug abuse I became more and more desperate, dissatisfied, and without any hope ever to free from addiction. In the battle with addiction I decided for the program Crossroads. I was in the program for almost 2 years. With a great effort, going through many beautiful and hard moments, with the help of the staff, but first thanks to God, I freed from the addiction and everything that it brings.Today I’m healthy, happy, satisfied and I have a fulfilled life that I can plan and which I love.


Jelena pre i posle

Before and after