My name`s Ira Mugoša and I`m 43. I`m from Belgrade. I grew up in a family in which there was love, joy, but also an atmosphere of surfeit. These are the memories of my early childhood. My parents divorced when I was 16. It was when I felt fear, surprise, insecurity and confusion because I didn`t understand the reasons for the divorce. I didn`t know they had had problems.

In my twenties I met a guy whom I soon married. We started using drugs together.

With drugs I had feelings of security, peace, love and self-confidence again. Heroin gave me the fake strength to face my wounds, dejectedness, as well as the strength to face my everyday life and duties. Shortly, my life turned into pain, fights, suffering, debts, and I became irresponsible. I made bad relationships with my parents, friends, and colleagues. Each field of my life became a ruin. I divorced, moved to another city, changed a job and yet I was still the same, having the same way of life. Since I always had a good job and I wasn`t on the street I thought that my way of life wasn`t noticeable and that I had everything under control.

After unsuccessful detoxications, I entered Crossroads in 2005.

I was in a bad physical state and thoroughly psychologically and emotionally outworn. In a program which is all-inclusive I acquired eagerness to change and work on myself through spiritual principles, psychological counselling and the curriculum. My need for drugs was completely gone because I realized the roots and causes of my addiction, bad attitudes and behaviour. The biggest change that happened was healing of my emotional pains, return of self-confidence and strength and will for living. I learned to see problems as challenges and crisis in life as opportunities to work on my character. God`s love and the truth I felt motivated me to build all the relationships on healthy basis in which conflicts, facings in love and overcoming problems are normal. In the place of all lies, there came the truth and healthy attitudes.

For the last seven years I have been working in Crossroads. Every field of my life has been renewed and I am full of enthusiasm for life and further advancement.



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