Prevention in schools

At the end of 2003, in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian organization Marita Foundation, Raskrsce Teen Challenge Serbia started a programme concentrating on the prevention of drug and substance abuse among young people.

This programme, developed by the Marita Foundation, has been applied very successfully in Norway for over 20 years with, to date, over 700,000 students and young people attending a presentation. The programme has been adapted to be relevant to the local situation in Serbia and Montenegro. Each presentation lasts around 90 minutes during which an educational movie is shown warning young people on the dangers that each drug carries. There follows a time for discussion and a former drug addict speaks from their personal experience of the effect that drug abuse had on their life. This has a great impact and gives a young person the opportunity to develop a healthy attitude and DECIDE TO SAY NO to drugs before they start.

The programme has been running in Serbia and Montenegro for 20 months, during which time over 10,000 pupils have attended presentations in 25 primary and secondary schools. The team cooperates with official state institutions (social work centres, regional boards for fight against drug addiction etc.) and covers the whole territory of Serbia.
Comments from written references received:
“We, from the school psychology department, believe that this is the most effective and quality way of working with pupils on drug prevention issues.”
Engineering College, Novi Sad
“This kind of education on drug prevention is very important to adolescents, it has a very strong impact.”    
Jovan Vukanović High School, Novi Sad
“The lectures were very educative and useful from the point of view of both pupils and teachers.”      
Mihajlo Pupin High School, Novi Sad
“The way of teaching and communicating with students is very informative, open, truthful and verbally clear and concise.”      
Vuk Karadžić Elementary School, Novi Sad
“We are thankful because interest was shown in these lectures even from pupils who would usually not attend this kind of lecture or workshop.”      
Dositel Obradović Elementary School, Novi Sad
“The teaching that was held in our school was very well planned, the movie was strong and pupils received a lot of useful information.”      
Mileta Protić Elementary School, Novi Sad
“We were extremely satisfied with the presentation, with the movie and the discussion and, also, with the level of communication they achieved with our pupils.”      
Prva Vojvođanska Brigada Elementary School, Novi Sad
“The trust developed between presenter and hearer broke down any barriers of prejudice and achieved a real response: to listen, to ask, and most importantly, to remember.”      
Vasa Stajić Elementary School, Novi Sad