Parental education

Raskrsce Teen Challenge Serbia has begun to work in the area of parental education on problems of addiction.

As with the programme for pupils, the prevention curriculum for parents and concerned adults was developed in cooperation with the Norwegian organisation “Marita Foundation” who have great experience in working on this field.

The programme is conducted by former drug addicts, it has been shown that parents are very open to hear experience from people who have themselves previously had a problem of drug addiction. Information they receive in this way has longer-term value and effect, and enables parents to understand and to work with their children in this area.

Raskrsce Teen Challenge Serbia aims to raise the level of awareness of parents and society about the problem of drug addiction and to help them to have a more proactive role in reducing the impact of the current drug culture on their children. We also seek through the presentations to break the taboo surrounding drug and substance abuse as a problem that nobody talks about whilst drugs destroy whole generations of young people.