Therapist Svetlana Ivanović

Svetlana IvanovićSvetlana Ivanović is a certified psychological counselor and therapist. What is unique about her work is that she has over 15 years of experience in working with troubled young people and she has specialized for working with families, addicts, distrubed young people and all the others with psychological problems such as depresion, axsiety, insomnia, nervousis, fears, incapability of finding job, a partner, etc. Svetlana Ivanović is an international speaker, but she is also present in the streets in direct contact with young people, which is making her work more efficient . Here is how some magazines described this therapist:

Nin magazine:

"Those who know this woman personally would hardly ever guess that she has such rich and unusual life experience."


"She has such a healing and encouraging effect on all those that are under pressure of despair."