I’m Davorin Sankovic. I was born in 1979 in Smederevska Palanka. I grew up with my mother, father and a brother. My father was a soldier and he lost his life to the civil war.

Soon after his death, I got interested in narcotics, out of curiosity, and I used anything available to me. When I was thirteen I was ar­rested for possession of marihuana. It was when my mother found out that I had a problem with drugs and she tried everything to help me out. However, my addiction problem con­tinued. In 2001 I moved to Novi Sad, where I built a house and found a job on the Television. Yet I continued to live my old life and I lost my job. I also lost the contact with my mother since she couldn’t watch me fade away anymore. While I was looking the easiest way to get any substance, beside ambulances and psychi­atrists, I heard that there was an organization that was helping ad­dicts. That was the first time I entered Crossroads office.

In 2004 after numerous arrests because of different offences and harder and harder ways to get drugs, I was offered methadone by a doctor. Then it was considered the solution for addiction, by everyone, even me. I started taking methadone therapy which pushed me deeper into despair and a life without hope for any change whatsoever. While I was in prison, during one of my moth­er’s visits I suddenly got confidence in the thought that I should give myself another chance to get clean. With my mother’s sup­port I went to Crossroads. Due to the period of 9 years of taking methadone I had to go to a clinic to detox, where I got some help. In the center my crisis continued so I wasn’t able to sleep for the next two and a half month. After physical crisis, I slowly began to realize that many other things in my life, beside addiction, were not right.

Through reading the Bible, listening to Bible lessons and other activities, I start to apply to my life what I have learned in the center. My personality and character change and gradually I become the person that I was supposed to be. I went through the program in time until the last phase when the staff suggested me to stay one more month. Doubtlessly, I answered positively. In the next several days they offered me to stay in the center after the program, to serve and lead worship. I believe it was God’s plan for me and I’m very grateful and happy for all things in my life. Relationship with my mother and brother are developing and progressing and go towards the future filled with hope and security.



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